Construction Management

As a true owner’s representative, Prosser Building & Development, Inc. ensures that your vision for your project is effectively implemented. With a background in engineering, we are quality and detail oriented. By lending our expertise on site, we eliminate potential construction delays and design issues.

Preconstruction Phase

PBD likes to start on a project at the initial concept stage which allows us to collaborate between the owners, designers, engineers, and trade contractors early in the project to provide the most value for our clients.

Bidding Phase

We prefer using the “construction manager with multiple prime contractors” approach. This allows us to find the best qualified, most cost effective for your project. With this method, there is no general contractor. With a strong construction manager, the general contractor does not typically add value; they only add an additional markup and another layer of communication.

Construction Phase

With the multiple prime contractors approach, we can begin projects quickly without having to wait for all of the final interior details. We can get the earthwork and concrete contractors started right away. During construction, we carefully monitor the contractors’ performance, and we provide daily reports and photos. We control the schedule and can rapidly adapt when challenges arise. We also include all project aspects in the schedule to give a clearer picture of timelines and intended results. We start the punch list process early and communicate directly with the trade contractors so that issues are clearly communicated.

Warranty Phase

PBD doesn’t walk away when the project is complete. We’re there as a resource to the owner to resolve warranty issues that arise. It isn’t our strategy to “hope the issue goes away.” We stay committed to ensuring the client enjoys their new building.

Development Projects

PBD is open to assisting with investment-focused development projects. Fees can be waived for equity stakes in projects. We are most interested in infill projects and multi-family projects that fit well within the Truckee General Plan.